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A custom made data collection and analytics tool for SBCC activities .

Client and Business Goals

Saimal Communications is a leading SBCC company based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. They have been working with us  to expand as an enterprise, provide better data collection transparency, more information and analysis on the data collected and move away from their brick and mortar way of running a business to more digital focused methods.


From the gathered information to understand how we could help the company solve its problems we landed on solution which included developing a mobile and a web application.

Applied Technologies

NativeScript, Angular, Amazon HIPAA compliant services: encrypted RDS, Encrypted ElastiCache, Elastic Cloud (EC2), Elastic Container Service (ECS). PostgreSQL, Oauth2/JWT, Python-based automated testing, CI/CD, UI/UX design, Agile management framework, and integration with the client’s corporate processes.

Walk Through Screens

To make the design stand out and attract users, we created very unique walkthrough screens. As the client wanted us to come up with something that wasn’t done before, we decided to give a liquid effect with a 3D touch. This enhanced the overall concept and gave it an added element. Even for us, this was a first. But only because we could deliver better than what was asked, bagged us great appreciation from the client.

Key Users

The two users were ‘The Supervisor’ and ‘Project Manager’. The supervisor were registered by admin after the admin gathered personal data. Once the supervisor profile was created they could post project from to the system, which once posted on Saimal Application couldn’t be manipulated by anyone.

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